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“Sunny” ☀️

And let him bring the Sun to each heart and life, as even ancient Egyptians personified flamingos the sun god Ra.

Sunny as a symbol of balance reminds us to seek balance in our own lives, to support with back each other, to be able to unite not to fight with each other, to take care on ourselves, on beauty that is far more than skin deep, to enjoy life, to love and be loved.

As trite as it sounds, only love will save the world. 💖

40 x 50cm (15,75x19,70”)

Oil on canvas, sides painted, ready to use without a frame

Participated in the exhibition “Orange mood” in Parma, Italy, 2022.

Prints are done on A4 and A3 size Fine Art paper, delivered unframed.

For other prints or if there are shipping issues contact me directly

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