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We’re used to see the Sun yellow or orange, but how about all the emotions it raised in us? They have much more colors, one turning into other. There are always those who are happy about the sunlight, sunshine, heat it gives, and those who complain about “too hot”, “too bright” etc., this is what I reflected in the artwork, where the Sun keep shining for everyone, but all around is what we feel about it. Personally I am very much Sun lover, born in the middle of the summer I am always happy for the sunny days and love to smile back the sun, even if it draws some more funny wrinkles on my face.

Original unique oil painting "Burning Sun"

Size 40 x 40cm (15,75x15,75"), sides painted, ready to use without frame.

This small, but so effective and colorful oil painting is a perfect accent in any interior.

You can feel the energy of fire, the Sun burning and playing with colors.

Made with love and positive thoughts only, using the best materials.

The painting is signed by me and comes with certificate of authenticity.

Prints are done on 21x21cm size Fine Art paper, delivered unframed.

For other prints or if there are shipping issues contact me directly

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